What to Take Home From Sikkim


Canvas wall Hangings: These are the paintings that portray the face profiles and life of the local people. You will also find some depicting the Eight lucky signs. They cost anything between Rs 20 to 300/-


Thangkas: These are the religious scrolls usually hanged on the walls. These are richly fabricated or even embroidered in some cases with the religious depictions. They are pretty costly and are priced from Rs 200/- to 10,000/-


Woolen Carpets (Dens): Thick and heavy carpets made of pure sheep wool and comes in different sets suitable for your sofas, dewans, beds and car seats. They are adorned with intricate designs and costs above Rs.3500/-


Choksees ( Traditional Folding Tables): are small wooden tables that bear intricate design related to Buddhism and can be folded into carryable pack.


Tea: Sikkim Tea from Temi Tea Gardens has exotic taste and flavor. You may pick few packets before leaving; it comes in brands as: Temi Tea / Sikkim Solja /Denzong Tea.


Fruit Juice: Sikkim Supreme produces various fruit juices and jams, and the most popular one is that of Passion fruits and are worth buying.


Pickles: You will find quite a lot of pickle varieties produced in Sikkim .The popular ones are those of Round Chilies and Bamboo shoots.


Sikkim Liquor: Sikkim produces some popular fine quality liquors and are comparatively pretty cheap. You may take home couple of souvenir brands like Shangrila (Whiskey)/Fireball ( Brandy)/Old Gold ( Whiskey) / Castle Pride ( Whiskey) and a souvenir pack having miniature bottles of all brands.